University of Messina
Piazza Pugliatti, 1
November 3 – 4, 2014
The Messina Declaration 2.0:
the Italian road to Open Access
November 4 marks the tenth anniversary of the Messina Declaration on Open Access.
The University of Messina has decided to celebrate this event with a two-day Conference to debate the most pressing issues concerning Open Access ten years on.
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the CRUI.
Pre-Conference (November 3)
The pre-conference will be an opportunity for technicians to discuss the state of art of infrastructure and platforms for dissemination and preservation of research findings in Europe and in Italy focusing on European and global interoperability.
A session will be devoted to presentations by commercial publishers to provide participants with un update on Open Access policy and services available to academic authors.
Tenth Anniversary Celebration (November 4)
This day will commemorate the Tenth anniversary of the Messina Declaration and will tackle issues related to development of Open Access strategies.
Guests from Italy and abroad will debate the challenges facing Open Access today with specific emphasis on the implementation of institutional policy concerning the submission of scholarly literature to Open Access repositories and their impact. Discussions will also deal with business models for the Gold Road adopted by well-established initiatives in Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.
On the occasion, representatives of Italian Universities and Research Centres will sign the Messina Open Access Road Map 2014-2018.